How do you feel today?

Positive? Confident? Empowered?

If the answer is no, we’ve got some work to do.

You're fully on board with the Crappy to Happy philosophy but now

You're ready for more.

  • You've read the self-help books, listened to the podcasts and double tapped the feel good Insta-quotes... but you need help putting those ideas into action
  • Your life is busy enough without adding more things to do, so you want manageable, bite-sized, simple and practical ideas you can absorb and implement
  • You're looking for a community of women just like you (intelligent, deep-thinking, compassionate and determined to be the best version of themselves!) who can offer you support and a space for sharing ideas.
  • You know you need to invest in your own happiness in order to be the best partner, parent or friend you can be but you struggle with balancing your own needs with everyone else around you!

Good news!
You've landed in exactly the right place...

Happiness not a place where you arrive and put your feet up.
It’s a series of choices you must continue to make.

What you need is a community of people backing you constantly, especially when things get tough.

You want an expert in your corner to lead you.

An expert with years of experience, proven tools to help you harness your happy and a supportive ear when you need it most.

I'm Cass Dunn

Since you're here, we've probably already met! But if not, here's a little update...

I'm a clinical and coaching psychologist, mindfulness meditation teacher, host of the Crappy to Happy podcast and author of the Crappy to Happy books.

I'm here to give you the tools you need to truly THRIVE no matter how chaotic life might seem and to give you the gentle nudge you need to start prioritising YOU so you can be the best version of yourself for everyone around you.


And now...

I offer you continuous, ongoing support through my
Beyond Happy Membership.

I asked and you answered.

You don't need another course that makes you feel like you're always 'behind'.

You want regular and consistent access to me, more community, a safe space to talk about your journey and ongoing, manageable tips, tools, education and inspiration.

This is for the people who really want to commit to this crazy thing we call life and have a ball doing it.... together!

Who is this for?

This invitation is now open to anyone who is looking for support, social connections and the strategies to live your most meaningful life .

I'm here to help you as best as I can as we grapple with the sudden and changing environment we all live in.

We'll deep dive into a new topic each month

Monthly Happy Hour
Live webinars
& coaching calls
from Cass!
Guest experts




All members will have the option to join our virtual book club.

Each month, we'll read a book together and share our thoughts and ideas on our live calls.

CD - BH Topic Icon 9 - Anxiety

Happiness is a Process

AND You need to work it.

For many people, lasting happiness, inner peace and contentment feels out of reach. It's always hiding on the other side of a goal to be achieved or a problem to be solved.

But that's not true!  There is peace to be found in a commitment to daily, consistent thoughts and actions. Indeed those daily personal commitments are sometimes the only thing we can control in a world spinning out of control.

It's easy to fall into those old unhelpful ways of thinking, especially when your brain is wired to find and focus in on problems. Which is why I'm here to share with you everything I know about psychology, Buddhist philosophy and mindfulness and  the tools that will help you to master your mind and mood to achieve a level of peace you might be missing right now.

In this ongoing monthly membership, you’re going to get access to a wonderful opportunity to cultivate emotional resilience, not only for own sake but the sake of everyone around you whose lives you touch.

The world is transforming and so are we. When we emerge from this, how will you have evolved?

What kind of topics will we cover?

Each month, we'll focus on a specific topic to move you beyond what might be standing in the way of your peace and positivity

CD - BH Topic Icon 9 - Anxiety

BEYOND Anxiety

Coping techniques to help you worry less

CD - BH Topic Icon 11 - Busyness


Learning to speak up and set healthy boundaries

CD - BH Topic Icon 1 - Tech Addict

BEYOND digital distraction

Simple steps to digitally declutter

CD - BH Topic Icon 4 - Body Shame

BEYOND Body shame

Learning to love the skin you're in

CD - BH Topic Icon 3 - Financial Stress

BEYOND Financial stress

How to have a healthier relationship with money

CD - BH Topic Icon 2 - Childhood Adversity

BEYOND Childhood adversity

Healing your past and creating a positive future

CD - BH Topic Icon 5 - Mum Guilt

BEYOND Mum guilt

How to be more patient and forgiving of yourself

CD - BH Topic Icon 6 - Self Doubt

BEYOND Self doubt

How to step into your personal power

CD - BH Topic Icon 10 - Fear


Harnessing your inner confidence and letting go of what’s holding you back

CD - BH Topic Icon 7 - Toxic Friendship

BEYOND Toxic people

How to cultivate mutually supportive relationships

I know you're ready to live beyond limitations

Cass Dunn is a psychologist and mindfulness and meditation teacher
And my "Beyond" community is here to take you to the next level.
  • More tools for creating joy and meaning in your life
  • More mindfulness
  • Regular coaching calls
  • Guest experts to share their knowledge
  • The opportunity to dig deeper into what's holding you back
  • A beautiful, private community of like-minded others who want to support you


My rates for one on one sessions typically range from $200-$350 per hour
But what if you could pay me even LESS than the price of a one hour session and get access to my content and coaching for six whole months?
As soon as you join, you'll start receiving:
  • Monday morning "Pep Talks" from me to set the tone for your week
  • A library of guided meditations & sleep visualisations
  • Self-care resources
  • "Coffee with Cass" Facebook lives to check in and keep you on track
  • Monthly "Happy Hour"  group call
  • Book Club! We'll all read a book together and share what we're learning
  • Surprise Guest experts

For less than $10/week!

It’s time to go


Are you ready to join us?
Beyond Logo - Pink

JOIN NOW FOR THE INTRODUCTORY RATE (locked in for the life of your subscription)

When you purchase a half yearly subscription, I'll give you access to my Mindfulness for Busy People 6-week online program for FREE*.



When you purchase an annual subscription, I'll give you access to my incredibly popular Crappy to Happy 10-step program to create lasting happiness for FREE!*.

(Value $147)

That's in addition to the Mindfulness for Busy People program!

Total bonus value: $444

Most flexible!

Intro rate
$59 $39 per month
  • Monthly LIVE group call
  • Weekly audio lessons
  • Guided meditations and poetry
  • Supportive community
  • Tools to cultivate emotional resilience
  • Total flexibility. Cancel with a month's notice.
  • Regular "Coffee with Cass" Facebook Lives
  • Surprise guest experts

The middle option 😉

Intro rate
$295 $195 per half year
  • Monthly LIVE group call
  • Weekly audio lessons
  • Guided meditations and poetry
  • Supportive community
  • Tools to cultivate emotional resilience
  • ONE MONTH FREE! (So savvy)
  • Regular "Coffee with Cass" Facebook Lives
  • Surprise guest experts
  • BONUS! "Mindfulness for Busy People" online course (Value: $297)


Intro rate
$590 $390 per year
  • Monthly LIVE group call
  • Weekly audio lessons
  • Guided meditations and poetry
  • Supportive community
  • Tools to cultivate emotional resilience
  • TWO MONTHS FREE! (You rock!)
  • Regular "Coffee with Cass" Facebook Lives
  • Surprise guest experts
  • Bonus: "Mindfulness for Busy People" online course (Value $297)
  • Bonus: "Crappy to Happy" online course (value $147)

*Access to the Mindfulness for Busy People 6-week course and Crappy to Happy 10-step program will be available for as long as you maintain an active subscription to the membership

Got questions?