The Soloist


You’re a go-getter, a lone-wolf, and you’re a firm believer in doing things on your own.

Delegating tasks isn't your strong suit. You turn down offers of help, even when you know you could use an extra hand. You want things done just so, and it's tough to loosen the reins. If something goes awry, you're quick to micromanage and take charge. 

Independence is your superpower, and in many ways, this resilience and self-trust has made you strong. But when you take this independence to the extreme, and you'd rather struggle alone than admit you need help for fear of appearing weak… that’s when burnout strikes and you find yourself paralysed with self-doubt.

I see you, Soloist, because I’ve been exactly where you are right now, running yourself ragged doing everything by yourself because it feels easier than trusting others.

But you don’t have to shoulder everything alone. Especially when doing so leaves you feeling exhausted.

Let’s lovingly thank your Soloist Imposter for keeping you safe (after all, that’s what they have been trying to do all this time). It’s time to let go of the idea that you need to be a one-person show and embrace constructive self-compassion.

Here are 3 tips to overcome your Soloist imposter


Tip 1

Even before you feel overwhelmed, try asking for help. Asking for help doesn’t diminish you. In fact, passing the baton to someone else when you need help makes you stronger, not weaker. The next time you don’t know the answer to something, try seeking advice from a supportive supervisor or coach.


Tip 2

Humans are biologically wired to be interdependent. Independence is wonderful in theory, but sometimes keeping others at bay can hold us back from achieving what we want in life. Teamwork makes us stronger. 

Even if you do know how to do everything, trusting others to take the wheel sometimes can give you the rest and peace-of-mind you so deserve, not to mention a more balanced and content life.


Tip 3

It’s possible that you have trouble trusting others because you haven’t found the right people yet. Are they supportive and encouraging? Surrounding yourself with people who build you up can inspire you to learn and grow.

If you're looking to expand your social circle, consider joining a mastermind or support group where you can meet new and amazing individuals who can offer helpful advice and guidance.

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