Create a new way of living in 8 weeks

Get the clarity and confidence you need to take your life to

the next level

Discover your purpose, tap into your inner guidance and make magic happen!


When you were younger, you were a girl who was going places…
Smart, talented, creative and with big plans for your future


Then LIFE happened.

… You found a partner and had to learn to balance your own goals with what’s best for your relationship.

… You had kids and spent all your energy meeting their needs while yours took a backseat.

… You built a career or business to give you a sense of freedom, but instead you feel like you’re superglued to your laptop/phone.

… Perhaps you faced unexpected challenges (illness or adversity) that knocked the wind from your sails.

Somewhere along the way, you lost your spark

And what you’ve created is NOT the inspired and purpose-driven life you once imagined.

Right now, you need space to reflect on what YOU truly want

and get the expert guidance you need

to create a new reality!

Because let’s face it, there’s no time to even think about what would make you feel inspired, fulfilled and aligned with the highest vision you have for your life when you’re stuck in the trenches every day.

And you’re hungry for the chance to reconnect with YOUR dreams and reimagine your future.

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Life coaching with Cass was one of the most valuable things I've ever done. At the time I was trying to transition from working as a film and tv researcher to working full time as a director. I had big plans and ambitions, but felt lost about how to make them happen.

Cass showed me how to break down my ideas into achievable steps, and we also worked on other areas of my life. It was a brilliant process. And a strange alchemy happened: goals which I set with Cass on my first session - which seemed overly ambitious and unrealistic to me as I wrote them down - had come to pass by our last session.

Cass is a joyful and uplifting person to work with - intelligent, generous, and genuinely thrilled at the progress of her clients. When you work with her you have a mentor and cheerleader in your corner. Since our life coaching I've done so much fascinating directing work. and reflect back on our sessions with a smiling and grateful heart. - xo Jane

Jane Manning

Join my 8 week

Inner Circle Coaching program

Starting 30 September 2019

An intensive, high-contact group coaching program for women, where you’ll dive deep into your unique strengths, gifts and talents, and get clear on the life you WANT to live.

This is your chance to turn the ship around!
  • You’ll create a vision of your ideal life and take immediate steps to create it.
  • You’ll develop the confidence and courage to start playing a bigger game.
  • You'll finally break free of old, limiting habits and patterns that have been keeping you stuck.
  • You’ll learn to access the profound creative insights available to you (that’s the inner voice you never hear because the noise in your mind has been drowning it out).
  • You’ll learn to skilfully manage the thoughts and feelings that keep you spinning your wheels instead of moving forward on what matters most.
  • You’ll be less emotionally reactive, more clear, calm and focused, and live every single day with intention and purpose.

And suddenly, your ideas about what's possible for you will reach a whole new level!

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I first started life coaching with Cass around 10 years ago. I remember it being the end of a particularly difficult and traumatic part of my life and finding her was like finding gold.

I had already embarked a lengthy journey of personal development ranging from Rah! Anthony Robbins courses to 10 day meditation retreats which in some way added to the confusion of choices to make in my life path.

Cass had a grounded and realistic way or helping me sort through a myriad of ideas and aligning my talents and abilities to them. piece by piece, step by step. She has a non invasive way of helping you steer through life and was always joyful and easy to talk to. She is full of sound and practical information encompassing all parts of self - spirituality, physically. emotionally, intellectually, financially etc

Years later I have come so far from that time, running my own company, and living my dream as an artist. singer-songwriter. So very fond of Cass and thoroughly recommend her as true professional who knows her stuff!

Julie Stewart
Are you ready...

To finally create real change?


Here’s what’s included...


Weekly LIVE group coaching calls

The value of small group coaching lies in the power of the group energy and dynamic. Each person not only experiences her own transformation but benefits from witnessing the process for others.

Hot seats so you can ask for help and advice

Bring your specific questions and challenges and receive my one on one support and mentorship as part of the group calls.


Weekly accountability

With more than 15 years of experience as a psychologist and coach supporting women to make positive changes in their lives, I know that accountability is everything.

You will leave each week's session with a written action plan, which we'll follow up on. If you don't have specific actions every week, it's not called coaching - it's called having a chat.
What you want is coaching and that's what you will get.

Guided meditations

Specially recorded meditations to help you align with your values and vision, connect with your inner guidance, and manage your thoughts and feelings. Meditation will help you to stay aligned with your highest purpose.


Private Facebook Group

Keep the momentum going between sessions by checking in regularly for support. Having a private space to connect with like-minded women on a similar path, to share wins and give and receive advice will make a huge difference to the growth you're able to achieve.


Join the Inner Circle and you'll get...



You'll get access to:
  • 8-weeks of powerful, evidence-based coaching to help you create meaningful goals, clarify your values, connect with your purpose and overcome all the conscious and unconscious blocks that have been keeping you stuck (Value: $1600)
  • Weekly opportunities for personalised support to address your specific needs throughout the process (Value: $800)
  • Simple, powerful guided meditations to help you connect with your inner wisdom, uplift your energy and remember your intentions (Value: $97)
  • Q&A and support between calls via a private Facebook Group (Value: $197)

That’s a total value of $2,694

Early Action Bonus


I want to work with women who are ready, willing and committed to taking action.

So if you pay in full, I'm offering 2 x 50 minute one on one coaching sessions in addition to our 8 group calls.

VALUE: $500

So, who am I to help you

change your life?

Hi, I’m Cass

I’m a clinical and coaching psychologist, mindfulness meditation teacher and parent educator.

I've worked in private practice as a coach and psychologist since 2003 and in that time, I've helped thousands of people to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

I'm the resident expert psychologist on Tiffiny Hall's online fitness program, I host one of Apple’s top-ranking health podcasts, "Crappy to Happy", which has had millions of downloads and I’ve published two books on positive psychology and how to be happier in life and at work.

I'm a sought after speaker, workshop facilitator and am regularly quoted in the media.


Most importantly, I know what it’s like to be that woman. The one who is juggling ALL. THE. THINGS and trying to be everything to everyone.

That was me until I discovered the tools I needed to get centred, be present, and truly understand what it is that I wanted out of life.

Ultimately, what I want for you is what I’ve found for myself – and that is the opportunity to fulfil your dreams whatever they may be, to express your gifts in a way that is personally meaningful to you, and to know you are giving yourself the best possible chance of achieving all that you're capable of.

I want you to put your goals at the top of your agenda, get crystal clear on what's most important to you and make time to connect with whatever inspires you and lights you up from the inside.

I know that all this is possible for you.

And I’m inviting you to stop, take a breath, look within… and reach higher.

Cass xo


Apply today

to become a foundation member



$1497 $1297

You'll be getting:

  • All of my expertise in coaching and psychology
  • Proven tools to improve your mindset, mood and motivation
  • Mindfulness & meditation to help you tap into your innate wisdom and live your life from intention
  • Regular opportunities to connect as a group
  • One on one ‘hot seat’ coaching with me
  • Access to a private Facebook community where you can ask questions and get support between calls
  • Bonus 2 x 1:1 coaching sessions when fees are paid upfront (worth $500!)

Total value $3194

All about Cass Dunn


Secure your place with a deposit of $597

Make two additional monthly repayments of just $397

Whether you’re 100% ready to make a change OR you’re not sure if the Inner Circle is the right thing for you at this time, let’s have a chat to see if we're a good fit for now.