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S9 Ep 14 – Quitting: How to know when to hold and when to fold

Let’s breaks down everything ‘quitting’. And answers the question: How do we know when to hold, or fold?

We hear, and are often sold, the idea that the only thing stopping us from success is that we give up too easily or early. But what if that isn’t the case? What if some things just are never going to work and we are wasting our time hanging on – like the 90s poster of the cat clinging to dear life from the edge of the cliff.

In this episode, I will share the ‘sunk cost fallacy’ and gives us a very practical criteria to help us reassess our goals and dreams, so we know when and why we should quit.


In this episode, you’ll learn about the following topics related to QUITTING:

  • Why do we struggle so much from walking away?
  • Learn why and when to quit
  • Reassessing your goals
  • Letting go of the opportunities that are not worthwhile
  • Why optimism is not always the answer


You can check out the book Cass references, ‘Quit: The Power of Knowing When to Walk Away’ by Annie Duke, here.

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