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S9 Ep16 – Why do we Compulsively Shop and Spend? Let’s Talk about Money and Trauma

 This links between unhealthy spending habits and childhood trauma.

Why is it that sometimes when we find ourselves in times of stress, we hit the shops for a quick fix? Why do we do compulsively shop even though we know we shouldn’t and we’ll end up feeling guilt, shame or regret? And what are the links between your relationship with money, and self worth?

Remember, Cass is not offering personal psychological advice and you should always speak to a professional about your own personal circumstances and experience.


In this episode, you’ll learn about the following topics related to money and trauma:

  • Childhood trauma and ADHD
  • Types of childhood trauma
  • Impulse control and behavior management issues
  • Compulsive buying disorder
  • The relationship between money and your self-worth


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