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S9 Ep17 – Creating Healthy Digital Boundaries with Dr Kristy Goodwin

Dr Kristy is a Digital wellbeing & productivity researcher, consultant, speaker and author. Her latest book is called Dear Digital, We Need to Talk. It’s a guilt free guide to taming your tech habits and thriving in a digital world.

There’s no doubt the pandemic has had some major impacts on our life as we know it, and perhaps none more profound than our reliance on digital to live, connect and work. This almost over reliance has left us with a pretty heavy ‘digital hangover’, as Kristy calls it.

In this episode Dr Kristy is here to share some really practical and very realistic strategies to take back control of technology use and avoid burnout.


In this episode, you’ll learn topics related to:

  • Creating digital boundaries at work
  • Perceive productivity and Digital presenteeism
  • Having a sense of purpose
  • How technology undermines our natural biology
  • 4 pillars of digital performance
  • ‘Digital Guardrails’


Check out this book Dear Digital, We need to talk by Dr Kristy Goodwin

Visit Debbie’s website at drkristygoodwin.com and follow her in her socials:

LinkedIn: Dr Kristy Goodwin

Instagram: @drkristy

Facebook Page: Dr Kristy Goodwin


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