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S9 Ep20 – Is ADHD In Adults A Big Old Con?

ADHD, especially in adult women, has been a hot topic on social media of late… with questions being raised around its diagnosis being a current trend. Even more so, since the BBC Panorama program, released an expose on private clinics in the UK, misdiagnosing ADHD.

So what is all the fuss about?

After watching the documentary, Cass weighs in with her thoughts on why there’s been an increase in ADHD diagnosis in recent years, and pulls apart the various holes in the BBC exposé (and there are some BIG ones).


In this episode, you’ll learn about the following topics related to ADHD in adults:

  • Cass’ opinion on the issue of ADHD diagnosis
  • The process of diagnosing ADHD in individuals
  • Why Cass thinks there is an underdiagnosis of ADHD rather than overdiagnosis


If you loved this, definitely head into the back catalogue to hear Candin Phillips and Cass discuss why there’s been an increase in adult women being diagnosed with ADHD in greater detail.

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