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Day two: decide your intention

How do most mornings look and feel to you?

Most of us jump (or drag ourselves) out of bed and are immediately on auto-pilot.

We do the same things in the same order every day, and if one of the first things you do is pick up your phone then you begin responding and reacting to the day instead of choosing how you want to interact with the world.

Today I'm inviting you to take just TWO MINUTES each morning to pause and ask yourself what your intention is for the day before you launch mindlessly into the fray.

I know you have the time to do this.

Take a breath, connect with your heart and answer the following questions in your mind (or in a journal or on the worksheet I've provided for you):

  • What matters most to you today?
  • What personal quality would you most like to cultivate today?
  • What values do you choose to demonstrate in your actions and interactions today?

It might just be one word.

Patience?  Kindness?  Courage?

As you go through the day, try to remember your intention and be kind to yourself if you momentarily forget.

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If you have 5 minutes, you might like to start your day with an intention to focus on the good in the world. Just plug in your earphones, close your eyes and listen to my voice.