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Hey, I'm Cass!

I'm a Clinical & Coaching Psychologist,
Meditation teacher, Podcaster and Author.

I help people live happier and more meaningful lives.

I do this via personal coaching, workplace training and online courses.



Which type of Imposter Syndrome
is sabotaging your success?

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Beyond Confident

The program that cracks the code on genuine, lasting self-confidence!

For anyone who struggles with Imposter Syndrome and feelings of inadequacy. 

Discover how people just like you are overcoming self-doubt and fear and finally believing in themselves and living with more confidence, joy and personal power.

An 8-step program with a minimum of one-year of ongoing live, group coaching calls to support your growth and transformation.


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Mindfulness for Busy People

Learn to unhook from negative thought spirals and start creating a happier, healthier, more peaceful version of you.

A 6-week evidence based online mindfulness and meditation course to take you from stress and overwhelm to peace and purpose. Completely self-paced, includes video training, guided audios and worksheets.. Enrol any time and get started immediately. Lifetime access.

Crappy to Happy

Simple steps to live your happiest and most meaningful life!

A 10-step, evidence-based program to teach you practical positive psychology skills. Over 7 hours of video training, weekly simple but powerful guided meditations to embed your learning, worksheets to support your self-reflection and fast-track your success.

 Enrol any time and get started immediately. Lifetime access. 

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5 Steps to Ditch Self-Doubt and Stop Feeling Like a Fraud

Work 1:1 with Cass


Creating the self-confidence you want, cultivating a mindfulness practice or even just reducing your stress and anxiety is an ongoing process. But it doesn’t have to be a struggle – not when you have all my years of clinical psychology experience at your disposal!

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New episodes every week!

Crappy to Happy is the podcast for people on the move who may be feeling low in energy, mood or motivation and can't figure out exactly why. I speak to interesting and intelligent people who have wisdom to share that will help you feel less crappy and more happy.

Check out my interviews with influential change-makers like Turia Pitt, Clare Bowditch, Amy Sheppard, Layne Beachley, Mark Manson, Dr Nicole LePera, Tiff Hall and many, many more!

Don't miss my recent chats with Dr Jill Bolte-Taylor, Martha Beck, Dr Kristin Neff, Anita Moorjani & The Minimalists! 

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This is an AWESOME little book with so many wonderful tips.

Love this book! Very informative and helpful information.

A great book that is informative, factual yet emotional.

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If you know you have emotional blocks and old, unhelpful patterns that get in the way of you living your happiest, most meaningful and fulfilling life, having amazing relationships and achieving the success you deserve, then I think I can help you.

As a clinical and coaching psychologist I’ve worked with hundreds of people just like you. Together, we define what it is that will make YOUR life happy and fulfilling, and I can give you the strategies that will help you achieve those things.

I share my tools and strategies through my podcast, books, blogs and online courses.

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