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change unhelpful thoughts

Five unhelpful thoughts you’d be better off to let go…

Every day you have upwards of 60,000 thoughts running through your head and most of them are happening outside of your conscious awareness. Many of the thoughts you have today are in fact the same ones you had yesterday and that you will have again tomorrow, and a decent amount…

overcome social anxiety by being yourself

How to Overcome Social Anxiety

Do you feel anxious attending social events, meeting new people or giving presentations? Most of us feel a little nervous in new situations but for people who experience a social anxiety disorder, that anxiety can be debilitating and can get in the way of living a full, rich and meaningful…

letting go by stop being a control freak

How to Stop Being a Control Freak

Have you ever been accused of being a control freak? Maybe you pride yourself on your meticulous attention to detail and methodical approach to tasks. It’s a term we use to describe people who like things done a certain way, who prefer planned over impromptu and aren’t very comfortable with…


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