The Natural Genius


Ever since you were a kid, you’ve gotten straight As and gold stars. There’s no question that you’re naturally smart.

As time went on, you internalised rigidly high standards for yourself. When you inevitably (as we all do) encountered situations and skills you weren’t naturally good at, this buckled your confidence. 

Maybe people around you started to mistake your fear of failure for laziness. Whatever the case, you tricked yourself into believing that if you weren’t immediately good at something, that something wasn’t worth doing. 

Even now, your incredibly high standards for yourself keep you locked in analysis-paralysis. You hunger to feel more confident, more worthy, more talented.

I see you, Natural Genius, because I’ve been exactly where you are right now, hiding behind distractions, letting your inner judgement run amok every time you try something new.

You are way more capable of succeeding and thriving than you think. 

Let’s lovingly thank your Natural Genius Imposter for keeping you safe (after all, that’s what they have been trying to do all this time). It’s time to let go of the idea you need to be ‘perfect from the get-go’ and embrace constructive self-compassion.

Here are 3 tips to overcome your natural genius imposter


Tip 1

Remember, mistakes are a natural part and parcel of the learning process. It’s okay to be a work-in-progress! Everyone is. Even the confident people you assume have it all figured out. Instead of beating yourself up for falling short of unrealistic expectations, try pinpointing specific behaviours that you can work on and improve over time.


Tip 2

Asking for help or seeking guidance from a mentor doesn’t mean you’re less than, or not talented or smart. Embrace asking questions, even ones you think are stupid. You don’t expect your colleagues, friends or family to be instant experts, so why should you expect such of yourself?


Tip 3

Set realistic timelines for learning goals, rather than forcing yourself to learn something in a rush. Be patient and give yourself ample time to master the new skill you’re setting out to learn. Then make practice a daily habit. Greater confidence will follow!

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