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Would you like to feel more calm, present & focused?

Learn to unhook from negative thought spirals and start creating a happier, healthier, more peaceful version of you.

The pace of modern life is a recipe for

frustration and overwhelm

  • You know all about 'self-care' but you just can’t make time to do something nice for yourself (there's work to catch-up on, a household to manage, and other people's endless needs to attend to.)
  • You feel yourself being triggered into anger and frustration when talking to your partner and you can't help but react.
  • You need to have a difficult conversation but instead of addressing the issue, you ruminate endlessly, and you know it's affecting your mood. 
  • You feel like you’re running on a treadmill, exhausted but not going anywhere (and with a sense of dread that if you stop, it's all going to fall apart.)
  • The more stress builds, the more you fall into old, unhealthy coping strategies, which make you feel worse and so the cycle continues.
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You can feel the pressure rising and you know you’re about to burst...

But it IS possible to

find some calm amidst the chaos

mindfulness and meditation
I see you, because I've been you.
  • You push yourself to be the best you can be, only to find yourself in complete overwhelm.
  • You could use some quality time with a good friend but if feels like everyone (including you) is too busy.
  • There's a part of you that feels 'not enough' (not good enough, smart enough, successful enough, thin enough) and the internal voice of self-criticism and comparison is hard to ignore.
  • And always there's the sense that you really should have got this sorted by now. 

What other participants have said

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I am feeling calmer, nowhere near as angry as I was. I am listening to people with much greater interest instead of thinking what is for dinner. Even my thoughts are more positive, I am happier.

- Leigh

When I start to stress out instead of getting lost in the tsunami of emotions inside I have been able to watch them and let them be. Pretty awesome to know that it’s okay to have “negative” feelings. I think I’ve always tried to resist them and by letting them have their space they actually move through and dissipate on their own!

- Tara



A 6-week online mindfulness course to take you from stress and overwhelm to peace and purpose
Cass Mindfulness online course package

I've taken everything I've learned from working with thousands of people as a clinical and coaching psychologist, mindfulness teacher, parent educator and online ‘expert’ to teach you STEP BY STEP how to manage your mind so you experience less stress and reactivity, and more inner peace and positivity.

I've used these skills to change my own tendencies towards busyness and burnout and create a life that’s more intentional, less hurried and far more joyful.

Importantly, you’ll have lifetime access to all the online mindfulness course materials, so you can go at your own pace and jump back into the training and meditations whenever you need.

You'll learn how to...

  • Meditate! Even if you think you can't or you're not one of 'those' people
  • Communicate and connect with more empathy so you don’t let your reactions get in the way of your most important relationships
  • Use simple tools to ground you on stressful days (3-minutes is all you need)
  • Recognise your self-defeating patterns so you can change them 
  • Be more present at home and at work (and stop feeling like you need to check your phone every two minutes)
  • Notice your early warning signs of stress or anxiety so things don’t spiral out of control
  • Develop more effective coping strategies for when life throws an inevitable curveball

When you bring mindfulness to everyday situations and conversations, you can shift away from your old reactions and learn to use those 'triggering' moments to deepen your self-awareness, presence and compassion for yourself and others.

reduce your stress with Mindfulness online course


What other participants have said

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I have gained more than I had hoped for. I was hoping to get some strategies for dealing with my emotions....I got this and so much more!

- Tara

Having never practiced meditation before I am amazed at the benefits to my mood and general positive attitude I am having to life. I have been able to push myself outside of my comfort zone with a lot of success- something I am very proud of!

- Rachel


Every week you’ll have access to one core video lesson along with some additional audio tracks for deeper learning.

You’ll be introduced to some simple mindfulness practices to try, with the aim of building up to a daily meditation practice by the end of the six weeks. 

There are also some short written exercises and journal prompts to get you releasing all those messy thoughts on paper and start decluttering your mind.

MBP online course - week one

Laying the Foundations

It’s time to get open and curious about what’s going on in your mind instead of automatically judging thoughts as good or bad. You’ll start to uncover your patterns and ‘autopilot’ settings so that you can set yourself a new course.

MBP online course - week two

Focus: The lost art of concentration

You’re going to start training your brain to stay on track in a distracted world because the alternative (only paying partial attention) is having huge effects on your productivity and your most important relationships.

MBP online course - week three

Mindfulness of the body

Did you know your emotions actually live in your body? It’s time to start noticing and connecting with sensations (without judgement) so you can stop trying to think your way out of issues and listen to what your body might be trying to tell you.

MBP online course - week four

Mindfulness of Thoughts & Feelings

This week I’m going to help you learn how to ‘unhook’ yourself from your thoughts so they don’t hijack your mood. Most of the challenges you face in life are created by the stories you tell yourself. This week I'm teaching you how to recognise those stories and stop letting them control you! 

MBP online course - week five

Cultivating compassion

At the heart of mindfulness practice is the willingness to have compassion for yourself especially in the face of setbacks or ‘failures’. This week you’ll learn to tame your inner critic and be kind to yourself as well as dropping judgements about other people.  I'll show you that compassion is the true path to achieving happiness and success.

MBP online course - week six

Living intentionally

Our last lesson is all about setting your intentions for living a more mindful life – one that’s aligned with your values, supports your wellbeing, and allows you to live with more ease, freedom and choices. You'll create an action plan for how to continue and build on all that you've learned in the past six weeks.


Exclusive Bonuses!

Mindfulness Masterclasses
(Value: $297)

Once you've got the basics, I'll share some bonus masterclasses that will teach you how to apply your new mindfulness skills for specific purposes:

  • Managing anxiety
  • Dealing with cravings and urges
  • Mindful parenting


What other participants have said

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! This is a great course. My workload has not changed but I am now more productive each day as my focus and awareness of what I am doing has improved!

- Julie

I have learnt techniques to relieve stress and it's helped me calm down enough to resolve situations and handle them positively. Also learnt that I can be positive towards myself and that I deserve it!

- Sally

So, who am I to be talking about mindfulness?

Hi, I'm Cass

I’m a clinical and coaching psychologist, and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy teacher with years of experience helping people through challenging times in their lives.

I host one of Australia's most popular podcasts, Crappy to Happy, which has had millions of downloads, and I’ve published two books on the psychology of happiness (with the next one coming out soon!). 

But most importantly, I know what it’s like to be that woman. The one who is juggling ALL THE THINGS and trying to be everything to everyone.

That was me until I discovered the tools I needed to get centred, be present, and truly understand what it is that I wanted out of life.

Cass Dunn is a psychologist and mindfulness and meditation teacher

Ultimately what I want for you is to know that you are in charge of your choices.

I want you to have the skills to manage your emotions, stay connected to your most important values and prioritise the things that matter most to you.

I want you to know you can always access a deep sense of peace and contentment no matter how crazy and chaotic life gets.

All this is possible for you.

I’m inviting you to stop, take a breath and look within. 


Today and get…

Cass Mindfulness online course package


You'll get access to:
  • 6-weeks of powerful, evidence-based mindfulness training to manage your mind so you experience less stress and reactivity, and way more inner peace and positivity (Value: $750)
  • Simple, powerful guided meditations (Value: $50)
  • Mindfulness Masterclasses (Value: $285)

That’s a total value of $1,085

100% money back guarantee for Mindfulness online course100% RISK-FREE TO JOIN

I want you to feel completely confident and comfortable about signing up. That’s why I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. 

If you join this program and find that it’s not for you, just let me know within 7 days and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.


just to recap

when you join MINDFULNESS FOR BUSY PEOPLE you get....

Cass Mindfulness online course package


You'll get access to:
  • 6-weeks of powerful, evidence-based mindfulness training to manage your mind so you experience less stress and reactivity, and way more inner peace and positivity (Value: $750)
  • Simple, powerful guided meditations (Value: $50)
  • Mindfulness Masterclasses (Value: $285)

That’s a total value of $1,085

One last thing…

I know it can feel like a stretch to put money down on something that doesn’t seem like it has an immediate tangible benefit.

But here’s the thing…

If you don’t learn to find peace and purpose in your day-to-day life, it will continue to feel like a struggle.

You’ll stay overwhelmed and overworked.

Your relationships will suffer. 

You’ll continue to do battle with your emotions every day, and more often than not, you’ll lose.

How about you join me in learning a new way?

One that empowers you to live the life you’ve imagined.

Cass Dunn is a psychologist and mindfulness and meditation teacher

What other participants have said

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Being aware of the physical and emotional responses I have to particular situations without judgement has made it so much easier to just accept myself for who I am - and that is so freeing it’s amazing!

- Kylie


Cass Mindfulness online course package


$247 $127 AUD
  • 6 modules of powerful, evidence-based mindfulness training
  • Simple, powerful guided meditations
  • Downloadable handouts and worksheets
  • Bonus Mindfulness Masterclasses
  • Lifetime Access to the course content
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