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I’m regularly asked to provide quotes to media on topics of psychology, wellbeing and mindfulness. I’ve been featured in print and digital media and interviewed on live radio.

Some of my recent media appearances include:

Body & Soul

"The equation that turned everything I thought I knew about happiness on its head"

Life Matters

"The downside of being a perfectionist"

Weight Watchers

"Why should I meditate?"

Women's Health

"What Makes You Happy"


"The mums so ashamed of their homes they won't even let close friends over"


"How To Do A Digital Detox Without Going Full Tom Hanks In ‘Cast Away’"


I’m available to speak at your event or conference, be a panelist or deliver a corporate workshop.

The topics I feel passionately about and am well qualified to discuss include:

  • Mindfulness at Work: The key to unlocking creativity, building resilience and creating meaning
  • The Power of Positive Teams
  • Digital Downsizing: Disconnect to Reconnect
  • The Pitfalls of Perfectionism
  • How to be happier at work (and in life!)

Presentations can be tailored to the specific needs of your group, team, conference or event. I'm especially interested in working with women to help them overcome chronic perfectionism and people-pleasing, learn to ask for help and recognise (and finally overcome) all the ways they're holding themselves back from achieving the happiness and success they deserve.

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If you’d like a quote for your article, a psychologist for your program or a speaker for your event, please apply via the form.

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