Do you always feel like happiness is just around the corner?

... (like when you finally lose some weight, make more money or find a partner?)

Do you know you fall into patterns of thinking (such as worry or self-criticism) that undermine your ability to feel truly content with where you're at right now?

Is your mood constantly hijacked by people or situations you have no control over?

Have you achieved a lot of the goals you set for yourself and are left wondering, "Is this it?"

What if everything you thought you knew about happiness was wrong?

The truth is, we humans are pretty bad at predicting what will make us happy.

And so, we put our time, energy and money into things that ultimately leave us feeling flat and wanting more.

The good news is that happiness IS available to you - and it's far closer than you realise - but you might need to change the way you look at the world.


You don't need to overhaul your life!

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It’s about small changes that make a big difference...  

Taking one step after another towards living YOUR very best life.

I’ve worked with thousands of women and men through challenging times in their lives.

In this practical and powerful course, you’re going to get some insights and tools you can use to start feeling happier right now.

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What will we cover?

The Ten Steps to lasting happiness…

Choose Happiness

I’ll show you why much of what you have believed about happiness is probably not true and why happiness truly is a choice.

Be less busy

Understand how the speed at which you’re hurtling through your life is stressing you out, killing your creativity and keeping you disconnected from the things that matter to you most.

Learn to let go

Learning to surrender, to allow things to be as they are and to loosen your grip a little will bring you more peace than you may know.

Be kind to yourself

I know you are high on self-criticism and low on self-kindness but it is possible to train yourself to dial down the volume on your inner critic and learn to treat yourself with more compassion.

Think happier thoughts

No need to be a Pollyanna. This is the science of how to counteract the negative bias in your brain that is keeping you focused on problems.

Find your people

This lesson will look at the things getting in the way of cultivating strong social connections and give you tips for nurturing relationships that matter.

Determine your direction

What do you really want from your life? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself? Learn how to set goals that stick and finally achieve lasting fulfilment and satisfaction.

Get out of your own way

Self-sabotage anyone? Let's uncover what is getting in the way so you can start making progress towards a happier life.

Expect good things

Whether you consider yourself a glass half empty or a glass half full type of person, I’ll teach you how to shift your thinking and also how to visualise and create the outcome you most want.

Make a difference

In the final chapter, I will help you explore your strengths and find your passion and purpose so that can TRULY live your best life.

Who am I to be teaching this?


I'm Cass.

I'm a clinical and coaching psychologist, mindfulness meditation teacher, author, speaker, and host of one of Apple Podcasts' highest rating health podcasts, "Crappy to Happy".

I've helped thousands of people to see their way clear of confusion, overwhelm, stress (and worse).. and find their way back to a way of living that is more joyful, peaceful, fulfilling and meaningful.

The science of happiness isn't taught to us in schools but it's something we could all benefit from learning. And if you're going to take lessons on happiness, I'd prefer you to take them from someone who has done the hard yards of working 'in the trenches' with people through those tough times.

I know what you need is not another inspirational quote but real, practical skills you can apply in your life today.



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(based on many years of research and working with thousands of people)
  • 10 modules of evidence-based and practical positive psychology and mindfulness training including 6 hours of video training (Value: $1320)
  • 10 simple but powerful guided meditations to embed your learning and fast-track your success (Value: $150)
  • Practical exercises based on the science of positive psychology (Value $370)

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I'm passionate about people having the tools to uplevel their life

Which is why I'm not charging $997 or even $497...

What people are saying...

“I absolutely loved it! Cass thank you so much for creating this course. I have been able to change my mindset, love myself for who I am, be kind to myself and I got THAT new job!!”

Wow Cass who would have thought that those 2 exercises could evoke such emotion? I really struggled at first to put pen to paper but then oh my goodness it just came spilling out, I even cried while writing some things as they were so raw and truthful.”

"I really love the 'greet the day with gratitude' meditation. I’ve chosen this as my daily morning meditation and I use the other meditations to dip into at other times of day."

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To sum up again, you get...


  • 10 modules of evidence-based and practical positive psychology and mindfulness training including 6 hours of video training (Value: $1320)
  • 10 simple but powerful guided meditations to embed your learning and fast-track your success (Value: $150)
  • Practical exercises based on the science of positive psychology (Value $370)

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