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Life Coaching

Helping you set goals, take action and live your best life

The doors for life coaching are currently closed.

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Do you feel dissatisfied and want more for yourself and your life but you aren’t sure how to find your direction?
Do you struggle with self-doubt or procrastination?
Do you have plenty of ideas but lack strategy and action?

Before I trained as a clinical psychologist, I had a successful Sydney-based coaching practice and I worked with creative, entrepreneurial women (well, mostly women) and it was probably the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done.

Playing a part in the personal transformation of brilliant women and watching them start fulfilling their potential and doing the work they are most passionate about is the best feeling ever!

I’ve recently opened my coaching doors again because I genuinely believe the world needs more women to step out from the shadows and start making a difference in the world.

Cass Dunn as a Life Coach

If you’re thinking of working with me, here is how to know whether we’re likely to be a good fit:

You are:

  • Driven to live a more meaningful and satisfying life;
  • Brimming with potential but perhaps lacking self-belief or an actual PLAN for getting started;
  • Willing to take action but need expert guidance and direction about the best action to take;
  • Absolutely certain you are meant for something more but can’t seem to push through the three big Ps – procrastination, perfectionism and people-pleasing;
  • Wondering if maybe you’ve got old self-limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging behaviours that are stopping you from achieving success. You don’t need therapy – you just want someone who gets it and can help you work through those blocks;
  • Willing to invest in yourself because you are worth it.

As for me:

  • I believe the world needs more intelligent, creative, purpose-driven women to fulfil their potential.
  • I’m a Clinical and Coaching Psychologist with 15yrs and thousands of hours of direct experience working with people like you.
  • I was one of the first graduates of the University of Sydney’s Coaching Psychology Masters degree program (the world’s very first university based coaching psychology course). As a coaching psychologist, I use evidence based methods that are proven to work.
  • Mindfulness and self-compassion are central to all the work I do and how I live my life.

Coaching will help you create a happier, more purposeful, vital and fulfilling life.

To find out more about how I can help you move forward in your life, career or business, please contact me and I’ll be in touch to arrange time for a chat.