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Day Five: Be kind to yourself

Practising Self compassion

Pioneering Self Compassion researcher, Dr Kristin Neff identified that there are three aspects to the effective practice of self-compassion.

  1. Mindfulness: Bring full awareness to your own suffering, without judgement
  2. Common Humanity: Recogise that everyone suffers. Whatever you're going through, you're not alone
  3. Self-kindness: Offer yourself the same friendliness you would offer a friend (and be willing to receive it!)

If you're hurting or especially if you are in conflict with another person and letting your hurt feelings make you emotionally reactive, try taking a little self-compassion break and re-grouping.

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A little extra something to think about...

I was fortunate to have Dr Kristin Neff recently join me for, not one but TWO episodes of the Crappy to Happy podcast, sharing exactly what the research shows about the power of self-compassion. She also shared with me the difference between 'tender' self-compassion, which is the kind most of us are familiar with and the more fierce, protective self-compassion that's required to stand up for ourselves and others.

Check out this little clip and if you're interested in listening to the whole episode/s (if you haven't already) you might want to add them to your list.

👉🏻 The Power of Self Compassion Pt 1

👉🏻 The Power of Self Compassion Pt 2 (Fierce Self-Compassion)