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S9 Ep30 – Bouncing Forward in Business, Body and Motherhood with Tiff Hall

It’s a full circle moment on Crappy to Happy as Tiff Hall returns to join Cass behind the mic. This time, not as a cohost but as guest, to reflect on the last few years of challenges: including bouncing forward post babies, business diversification and a changing relationship to her body.

If you’ve not met Tiff before she’s one of Australia’s most trusted health and fitness experts. She’s a personal trainer, author, journalist and best known for her television appearances on Gladiators, and The Biggest Loser Australia.


In this episode, you can expect to hear:

  • The regrets Tiff has from her days of her ‘smash and bash’ approach to fitness
  • The pressure she felt to ‘bounce back’ to her pre-baby body
  • Her struggles of being a female founder in a predominately male dominated industry
  • How she has become more realistic and gentle with her expectations of herself in motherhood


Check out Tiff’s fabulous online fitness and wellness program: TXO. You can find it here. Use the code TANYA99 to get full access to TXO for just $99 for a full year access. You can listen to her new podcast, Bounce Forward, in all the usual places.

Get to know more about Tiff by following her socials:

TikTok: @tifhall_xo

Instagram: @my_txo

Facebook: Tiffiny Hall


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