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S9 Ep29 – The Karma of Success with Liz Tran

Before starting her executive coaching company for CEO’s and Founders, ‘Reset’, Liz Tran spent a decade in tech, most recently as the only female executive at a top venture capital firm.

For most of her career, Liz Tran was sure that if people knew about her spiritual practices, they would never respect her as a business person. She worked in a world where numbers and spreadsheets were everything, so how could she admit that she believed in scientifically indefensible forces like the Tarot or feng shui or Reiki?


Liz is the host of the Reset with Liz Tran podcast and her new book, ‘The Karma of Success’ has just been released. And in this episode you can expect to hear:

  • How suffering doesn’t equal success and how accessing ideas that flow easily through you can lead to better results
  • How to care for the three treasures of the body: physical body, energy, and intuition
  • Why some Founders succeed past the seed stage and others don’t


The Reset instagram can be found here. Listen and subscribe to Liz’s podcast, Reset with Liz Tran here. And, if you’re in the UK or US you can get yourself a paperback version of Liz’s new book ‘The Karma of Success’ here. If you’re in Australia, you can read the book on Kindle or listen on Audible, but paperback is a few months away.

Get to know more Liz by checking her website or following her socials:

TikTok: @steph_claire_smith

Instagram: @heyliztran


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