S11 E6 – A Touch of the Madness with Larry Kasanoff

December 6, 2023
Cass Dunn with Larry Kasanoff

Larry Kasanoff, legendary Hollywood producer and author of ‘A Touch of the Madness,’ shares his experiences and insights on creativity and innovation. He discusses the inspiration behind his book and…


S11 E5 – 3 Mindfulness Minutes: Savouring

December 3, 2023
c2h podcast solo episode banner

Finding ways to plumb the joy out of positive experiences can help to build resilience when things aren’t going well. RECOMMENDATIONS YOU’LL LOVE FROM CASS Follow Cass’s new Instagram account…


S11 E4 – Understanding Learned Helplessness & How to Overcome it

November 30, 2023

In this solo episode, Cass shares the definition of Learned Helplessness, how it was first identified by psychologists and how it might be impacting you or someone you know. Tune…


S11 E3 – 3 Mindfulness Minutes: Essentialism

November 27, 2023
c2h podcast solo episode banner

Discover the simple but profound concept of Essentialism to reduce stress, cultivate mastery, deepen relationships and live a life of meaning. Discern what is absolutely essential, then eliminate everything that…


S11 E2 – Cleaning your Trauma with Yemi Penn

November 22, 2023
Cass with Yemi Penn new podcast episode

Cass talks to Yemi Penn about her experience growing up in London and Nigeria, and her decision to ‘run away’ to Sydney on the other side of the world. Yemi…


S11 E1 – 3 Mindfulness Minutes: Practising Mudita

November 20, 2023
c2h podcast solo episode banner

Mudita means being happy for other people’s happiness. Tune in to hear how it can profoundly improve your mood, strengthen your relationships and help you to remember the interconnectedness of…


S10 E12 – 3 Mindfulness Minutes: The 3-minute breathing space

October 31, 2023
c2h podcast solo episode banner

Learn the art of the three minute breathing space to centre yourself emotionally. In these short-casts, Cass Dunn, Clinical Psychologist & Mindfulness Meditation teacher gives you tips and advice on…


S10 E11 – 3 Mindfulness Minutes: Living with Integrity

October 25, 2023
c2h podcast solo episode banner

Learn to live with integrity. In these short-casts, Cass Dunn, Clinical Psychologist & Mindfulness Meditation teacher gives you tips and advice on how to feel a little less crappy and…


S10 E10 – Outgroups, “Othering” and a Healing Meditation

October 18, 2023
c2h podcast solo episode banner

At a time when the world feels more divided than ever, Cass shares the psychology of ‘othering’ and the biases that cause humans to turn on each other. She invites…


S10 Ep9 – Overcoming Self-Loss with Sara Kuburic

October 9, 2023
Cass Dunn and Sara Kuburic

Cass talks with existential therapist, Dr Sara Kuburic aka “The Millennial Therapist” about what it means to lose your Self and why it’s so important to do the work of…




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